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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the HYB Basketball Travel Program!  

Being part of this program will afford your child an experience that will build their athletic capacity as well as promote academic excellence, character, and good sportsmanship.  

HYB and Mentoring prides itself as a program of morality, compassion, and establishment.  A basketball program such as HYB not only focuses on athletic skill and ability, but also focuses on proper health, nutrition, fitness, well-being, and academics.  Academic achievement among our players is the center of our basketball program.  Academic failure is the common factor to many shattered dreams of becoming a legendary college or professional basketball player.  We believe that developing the student athlete at an early age leads to future success in the classroom and on the court.  

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The purpose of HYB and Mentoring Program is to enhance the basketball skills and abilities in aspiring high school, college, and professional basketball players in addition to promoting character-building, academic success and healthy lifestyles.

Through routine practice, health and fitness, training and team group sessions, the players will build the capacity as a team.  HYB is a highly competitive basketball program, the focal point of instruction is sportsmanship and character.  HYB creates an environment to optimize any individual and team excellence and fun.


To be eligible to participate in the HYB Basketball and Mentoring Program the following criteria must be met: 

-Be a boy or girl in grades 4-10 with 1-3 years experience

-Have the willingness to work hard on and off the court

-Be a coachable and teachable athlete


HYB competes in local, regional, and national tournaments.  We compete in AAU, USBA, BIG SHOTS, NTBA, YBOA, JSA, NIKE, Adidas, other elite competitions.  



HYB of Columbia, SC is a Non Profit organization dedicated to the development of young athletes on and off the court.  Our mission is to prepare student athletes for college, through mentoring, academic assistance, and a focus on the fundamentals of basketball.

Our goal is to assist young players in developing a passion and understanding of the game of basketball.  At HYB we are changing the lives of young people through commitment, intense training, high level competition, andmaximum exposure.  

We offer boys and girls divisions grades 4th-10th.  Our staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable of the game of basketball.  Please contact us for more information. 


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